Quality Policy (Revision VI) ENQuality Policy Rivision V (Eng Version)   THQuality Policy Revision V (Thai Version)

The company is committed to establish, implement and maintain a quality policy that meets the needs of the business and supports its strategic direction. The policy should provide a framework for setting quality objectives, include a commitment to satisfy applicable requirements and continually improve the quality management system.

Consistent with this commitment Thaisarco will produce high quality pure tin and value – added tin products, by – product and trade other non – ferrous metals and chemicals as its strategic direction.

In order to implement the above policy the Company shall

1. Control all of its processes to produce finished goods to the required standard.
2. Coordinate and collaborate internally and externally to provide outstanding service to its customers at all times.
3. Seek out and adapt continuously to the changing requirements of its quality system.
4. Train and develop its staff thereby enhancing their skill and competence to maintain and improve the quality system.
5. Require each department to establish annual quality objectives for which they are accountable, and continue to practice the principles of Total Quality Management.
6. Continue to manage its business processes to fully comply with all of the requirements of ISO 9001 (Updated version).

Environmental Policy (Revision VIIII) ENEnvironmental Policy Rivision VIIII (Eng Version)   THEnvironmental Policy Revision VIIII (Thai Version)

The Company’s policy is committed to conduct its activities in a manner which helps the conservation of the environment, protects and prevents or minimises environmental impacts arising from the production process.

In support of this policy the Company shall :-

1. Comply with the requirements of all relevant legislation.
2. Discharge to the best of its ability its duty of care for the environment in such a way as to withstand scrutiny from the public and other interested parties.
3. Maintain and continuously improve pollution control systems in order to proactively reduce emissions to the environment and, where possible, include the use of sustainable resources.
4. Provide education and training on environmental matters to its employees to raise their awareness of the environmental impacts of the Company’s activities. Through this education and training programme the Company aims to improve the skill and competence of its employees as they strive to preserve and improve the environment in which they operate.
5. Encourage employees to recycle all waste materials wherever practical.
6. Include an assessment of potential environmental impacts in the factors to be considered, before embarking on new business ventures or activities.
7. Continue to administer the business to meet all of the requirement of ISO 14001 (Updated version).

Safety Policy (Revision V) ENSafety Policy Rivision V (Eng Version)   THSafety Policy Revision V (Thai Version)

The Company gives the highest priority to protecting the health and safety of its employees, its contractors and all other persons who may be affected directly or indirectly by its activities. The Company not only complies with the requirements of the relevant legislation but is proactive in its efforts to improve its performance in the area of occupational health and safety.

In following this policy the Company:-

1. Supports initiatives to protect and promote the health and safety of all people impacted by its activities.
2. Conducts its business in such a way as to avoid harming the health of its employees and others and to prevent injuries or accidents to people and property on its sites.
3. Adopts an approach of zero tolerance for unsafe acts and unsafe behaviour on its work sites.
4. Works on the principle that all injuries are preventable, and encourages and enforces where necessary the high standards of safety awareness and discipline which observance of this principle demands.
5. Aims to instill the principles and practices of safety leadership into management, employees and contractors alike.
6. Includes an assessment of health and safety in the key factors to be assessed before entering into new business ventures or activities.

Community Relations Policy (Revision III) ENCommunity Relations Policy Rivision III (Eng Version)   THCommunity Relations Policy Revision III (Thai Version)

Our Company is a vital member of the society in which it operates, so it follows that one of our important duties is to work for the betterment of the communities which surround us.

In support of our policy of support for the surrounding communities, the Company shall:-

1. Assume its Corporate Social Responsibilities, in accordance with ISO 26000.
2. Make every reasonable effort to be genuinely responsive to the community's needs.
3. Seek innovative ways to support community programmes.
4. Develop ways and means of assisting the communities in which we operate such that we are able to contribute our time and our expertise, as well as our financial support.
5. Regularly support and promote the education of children.
6. Support organised sporting activities as a contribution to promoting good health, and avoiding involvement with illegal drugs.
7. Support freedom of choice and practice of religion in a non-sectarian way and under the guidance of the communities' leaders.
8. Support a variety of activities designed to improve the living amenity and social welfare of the communities.
9. Cooperate with the communities in conservation activities designed to protect local culture.
10. Wherever practicable provide genuine opportunities for employment for people living in local communities.
11. In consultation with the representatives of local communities support special projects designed for the betterment of the living environment in those communities.

Finally, although the emphasis of the Company's community support is principally directed to the Ao Makham and Cape Panwa precincts, the Company seeks where possible to broaden the scope of its support to the entire Island of Phuket.

Drug and Alcohol Policy (Revision IV) ENDrug and Alcohol Policy Rivision IV (Eng Version)   THDrug and Alcohol Policy Revision IV (Thai Version)

1. The Company has an occupational health and safety policy designed to eliminate injuries and accidents in the work place.
2. No employee or other person will be permitted to enter the Thaisarco work site while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
3. The Company provides periodic training for all employees on the potential adverse effects of alcohol and drugs on mental alertness and physical performance in the work place.
4. The Company will encourage the responsible use of alcohol and medically prescribed drugs outside working hours.
5. The Company may at some future time introduce random testing for the presence of alcohol and drugs. This will only occur after full consultation with Thaisarco employees and the Union.
6. The Company will actively discourage the use or possession of illegal drugs or substances by employees. The Company fully supports the government’s aim to remove illegal drugs from Phuket.

Supply Chain Policy Supply Chain PolicySupply Chain Policy English Version 2018,   Procument Department - Due Diligence ProceduresDue Diligence Procedures English Version

Part of the Supply Chain policy of Thailand Smelting & Refining Co Ltd (Thaisarco) is to completely exclude all Conflict Minerals and Metals from its supply chain.

Conflict Minerals and Metals are materials, which through their mining, production or supply have either knowingly or inadvertently been of benefit to illegal armed groups or are in any way contributing to conflict or human rights abuses.

All such materials are excluded from Thaisarco’s supply chain and therefore from Thaisarco’s products. Thaisarco’s LME registered tin brands, “Phuket”, and “Thaisarco” and all Thaisarco added value products can be categorised as conflict free.

Conflict Affected and High-Risk Areas (CAHRAs) are those defined by the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas Third Edition (OECD Guidance).

In particular, Thaisarco’s policy to maintain conflict free status in the management of its supply chain is as follows:

1. The policy is to purchase materials only from reputable suppliers with whom long relationships have been established or on whom adequate due diligence in terms of ‘know your supplier’ protocols can be carried out. Supplies may be as tin ore (concentrate), crude or unrefined tin, refined tin metal, including that from LME warehouses, and a variety of secondary or intermediate products.
2. In all cases due diligence will be conducted on the supplier and supply chain to ensure that the supply is genuine, legitimate and does not in any way contribute to conflict or human rights abuses.
3. Thaisarco complies at all times with both national and international law relating to Conflict Minerals, including UN Security Council Resolutions and the US Dodd Frank Act.
4. Thaisarco conforms to OECD Due Diligence for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas, and the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) Assurance Process Tin and Tantalum Standard. This includes the OECD 5-Step framework as applicable to the RMI.
5. Thaisarco incorporates third party audits into the supply chain as part of maintaining its status as a Responsible Minerals Assurance Process Conformant Smelter under the RMI.
6. Thaisarco uses supply chain traceability schemes such as the iTSCi tagging scheme to help ensure transparency.
7. Thaisarco personnel will make selected supplier site visits on a regular basis for audit purposes and to test plausibility.
8. Thaisarco has a risk management strategy as defined by the OECD Guidance and tracks the performance of risk mitigation. This strategy includes suspending or discontinuing supplies in the event that unacceptable practices are identified.

Thaisarco’s policy is to differentiate itself by offering its customers and trading partners conflict free metals and products, so that the final customer in the supply chain can be confident its products are produced from metals which are conflict free.
Mine Visit, Due Diligence Report 2017

Thaisarco has conducted due diligence report to the supplying mine site in Myanmar, Rwanda and DRC 2017 as per details. Thaisarco Annual Due Diligence Report 2017
Thaisarco Statement on Myanmar

Thaisarco currently sources some tin ore concentrates from Myanmar but only from the Southern region of the country as per details. Sources some tin ore concentrates from Myanmar
Code Of Conduct Code Of Conduct

1. To trade in an ethical manner and strive to achieve industry best practice in everything we do, and recognize that integrity should be the foundation of all our actions. We have a Register of Interest (RoI) ensure transparency and to protect both employees and the company against issues with bribery.
2. To ensure through due diligence that the Company does not purchase tin minerals and other raw materials from sources which support armed conflict and/or human rights abuses or exploit child labour. We have a Supply Chain Policy covering our due diligence on supplies and are a certified Conflict Free Smelter, this subject to third party audit.
3. To strive to promote and improve the standards, image and reputation of Thaisarco as a world leading smelter, refiner and value added to tin.
4. To provide the highest level of service and best quality tin products to our customers.
5. To provide safe and healthy working conditions for our employees, contractors and visitors. This is backed by specific Safety Policy and Environmental Policy.
6. To be an equal opportunity employer as allowed under the laws of Thailand, recognizing all relevant labour laws and trades union legislation. Human Resource management, training and development of our employees is in accordance with ISO9001 and subject to third party audit.
7. To uphold the concepts of free enterprise and to acknowledge the importance of the social contracts with the communities in which we operate. We operate a Community Relations Committee, staffed by both members of the local community and the company and backed by a Community Relations Policy.
8. To act in accordance with current legislation in relation to sourcing of raw materials and the operation of our smelter and refinery and to achieve industry best practice in environmental performance, and subject to third party audit. Sourcing raw materials appropriately is governed by our Supply Chain Policy. Energy usage, environmental performance and pullution control is managed in accordance with ISO14001. Both the Supply Chain Policy and the ISO certification are subject to third party audit.
9. To engage and cooperate with and support all stakeholders in our business in an effort to prevent unlawful practices. This is again supported by the Register of Interests
10. To supply all products in accordance with accepted international standards, and subject to audit where relevant.
11. To earn the respect of our customers, suppliers, industry peers and all other stakeholders as a responsible and ethical member of the international tin community, recognizing the human rights of all involved, again as evidenced by our Supply Chain Policy.
Energy Management Policy ENEnergy Management Policy 2017 (Eng Version)   THEnergy Management Policy 2017 (Thai Version)

Thailand Smelting and Refining Co., Ltd (Thaisarco) is committed to bring an Energy Management System (EnMS) applied within the company. EnMS is an important issue and considered as a part of responsibility of every person to cooperate with implementation of the EnMS. Therefore, the company has set up Energy Management Policy as following:
1. The company will implement and develop EnMS properly, as a part of its operation that must conform with the laws, regulations, and related standards requirement.
2. The company will comply with the Energy Conservation Promotion (ECP) Act regulations. As and when there is convergence of these regulations with the ISO50001 standard, the company will also commit to certification with the latter within a 12 month period. As part of this exercise we commit to improve energy efficiency continuously, by considering appropriate technologies and sound business practices.
3. The company will set up and review Energy Efficiency Improvement plan and target yearly, and communicate to all staff to understand and perform correctly.
4. The company will communicate necessary information and activities of EnMS to all employees for understanding and participation in implementing the EnMS.
5. The company will provide necessary resources and support to implement EnMS including budget, personnel, tools, training and development.
6. The company will promote and encourage employee in participating and sharing ideas to develop EnMS.
7. The company will support to consider for energy efficiency in Purchasing and Design of products, equipment, and tools as appropriated.

We trust that the above policy will provide our customers with sufficient assurance that our raw materials are conflict free.

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