Code Of Business Integrity And Professional Conduct

Thailand Smelting and Refining Co., Ltd.

The trust that we inspire in our customers and stakeholders is the key to our success as an organization and as individuals.

As one of leaders in tin industry, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of professional behavior. Our Code of Integrity is the expression of values which are shared throughout THAISARCO.

In order to achieve our goals, we aim to attract and retain employees who are passionate about delivering their work with leadership, fairness and honesty. We recognize that we have a responsibility to each other and to our customers to uphold our principles of integrity.

We achieve this objective by conducting our business honestly and transparently. As part of this commitment, we encourage an open culture where we can exchange ideas and information, seek advice and raise concerns, without fear of retaliation.

This will allow us to serve the interests of our customers and stakeholders in the markets where we choose to operate, provide opportunities to our employees and create sustainable financial returns to our shareholders.

THAISARCO’s success rests on the trust it earns day after day from customers, employees, shareholders and from the communities where it conducts business. This trust has been earned through the collective efforts of generations of THAISARCO employees. THAISARCO is focused on maintaining this trust through the effective implementation of this Code of Integrity.

Application Of The Code

The Code applies to all employees, officers and directors of THAISARCO. All aspects of the Code, which are not specifically related to THAISARCO employees, must also be adhered to by contractors, consultants, subcontractors and anyone acting on behalf of, or representing, THAISARCO.

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