Energy Management Policy

Thailand Smelting and Refining Co., Ltd.

Thailand Smelting and Refining Co., Ltd (Thaisarco) is committed to bring an Energy Management System (EnMS) applied within the company. EnMS is an important issue and considered as a part of responsibility of every person to cooperate with implementation of the EnMS. Therefore,

The company has set up Energy Management Policy as following :-

1. The company will implement and develop EnMS properly, as a part of its operation that must conform with the laws, regulations, and related standards requirement.
2. The company will comply with the Energy Conservation Promotion (ECP) Act regulations. As and when there is convergence of these regulations with the ISO50001 standard, the company will also commit to certification with the latter within a 12 month period. As part of this exercise we commit to improve energy efficiency continuously, by considering appropriate technologies and sound business practices.
3. The company will set up and review Energy Efficiency Improvement plan and target yearly, and communicate to all staff to understand and perform correctly.
4. The company will communicate necessary information and activities of EnMS to all employees for understanding and participation in implementing the EnMS.
5. The company will provide necessary resources and support to implement EnMS including budget, personnel, tools, training and development.
6. The company will promote and encourage employee in participating and sharing ideas to develop EnMS.
7. The company will support to consider for energy efficiency in Purchasing and Design of products, equipment, and tools as appropriated.

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