Occupational Health and Safety Policy (Revision I)

Thailand Smelting and Refining Co., Ltd.

Since Thailand Smelting and Refining Co., Ltd. has established the ISO 45001:2018 system, thus in order to comply with the company's policy in driving the occupational health and safety management system to achieve the specified goals, the policy on occupational health and safety has been set as follows:

1. To support activities that protect and promote occupational health and safety.
2. To conduct business by ensuring that employees and related persons are safe from health hazards, injuries, and damages to the company’s properties.
3. To commit to completely eliminate unsafe employees’ behaviors and actions from the factory.
4. To work by holding on to the principles of preventing all kinds of hazards and of encouraging employees to be aware and highly discipline on safety based on such principles.
5. To ensure that contractors, employees and management are treated on safety based on the same principles.
6. Assessment of occupational health and safety will be one of the factors to be considered every time before investing in new businesses or activities.
7. To promote operations based on work safety standards in order to prevent injuries and accidents caused by the operations.
8. To promote operations in compliance with work safety standards in order to prevent work-related diseases.
9. To ensure that operations are in line with occupational health and safety regulations.
10. To encourage all employees to participate in occupational health and safety.

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