Thaisarco Trading

Thailand Smelting and Refining Co., Ltd.

About Us

Built on the honesty and integrity of the AMC Plc group(, Thaisarco Trading as a division of Thaisarco Smelting and Refining Co Ltd is committed to its customers and the communities. Thaisarco Trading professionally manages complex and long-term engagements whilst focusing on close and trustful cooperation with its customers to create mutual benefit.

When buying metal products for our clients, we only deal with medium to large sized, well established suppliers, and within the AMC Group, who all follow and understand high standards and are proven to be reliable business partners.

We work for long-term partnerships with our customers. The quality of the relationship between a client and a supplier is an important factor in any successful business transaction, and Thaisarco Trading makes great efforts to develope these long term and trustful relationships

Company Profile

Thaisarco Trading is a Division of THAILAND SMELTING AND REFINING CO.,LTD.(, a world wide leading producer of Tin. The trading division was formed in 2008 and focuses its activities on the Thai and other South East Asian markets.

Thaisarco Trading delivers a full range of quality metal products, from raw materials to scrap Metals. We deal with all Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals, including Copper,Nickel, Aluminum, Cobalt, Tin, Zinc, Tungsten, Chrome,a full range of metal Alloys in ingot, powder and other forms, as well as a wide range of minor and exotic metals, and we are always ready to find ‘tailor made’ solutions for our customers.

Being a part of the global AMC Plc group of companies ( we benefit from a world wide sourcing net, enabling us to always offer the best quality product at the best price thereby ensuring the competitiveness of our valued customers.

Main Industries Served


Thaisarco Trading supplies foundries producing castings for aerospace application and land based turbines with the high purity metals necessary for their production. These casting will have the ability to perform in the harsh environments coping with the high temperatures and forces that are exerted on them. These metals include cobalt, chromium, and nickel.


Thaisarco Trading supplies many alloys and metals which are used by their foundry customers to produce the rich variety of alloys required for the many different applications within the automotive sector. Examples would be camshafts, crankshafts, valves, engine and gearbox casings and turbochargers.


Track and turret castings are produced by our customers using ferro alloys including ferro silicon, ferro manganese, ferro molybdenum; ferro chromium, ferro vanadium and nickel all play a part in the production of impact and wear resistant castings.


The use of alloys for the micro alloying of HSLA steels include titanium, niobium, vanadium and molybdenum for the production of RSJ’s and pipeline steels.


Our customers produce stainless steel and non-ferrous castings for use in a host of marine applications from small castings for yachting to pressure hatches on submarines.

Food Processing

Foundries producing high integrity castings for food and drink processing require molybdenum, ferro chrome and nickel for the production of these stainless steel alloys.


Our customers making castings for this sector use high purity, low residual metals and alloys to produce castings that work in hostile environments. Niobium, ferro niobium, ferro molybdenum, ferro vanadium, nickel and chromium would be used in this sector.

Ceramic Industry

Tin, Cobalt and various other Oxides are used in the Ceramic industry and we are a high quality supplier of these products to the Thai and South East Asian market.