Ethical Policy (Revision I)

Thailand Smelting and Refining Co., Ltd.

The Company is fully committed to being a socially responsible corporate citizen and recognises its duties and responsibilities in the following areas :

1. The Company will comply fully with all relevant national and international laws and act in accordance with local guidelines and regulations including those specific to the industry and in particular those relating to labour.
2. Employees must not make use of confidential information obtained through their employment for personal gain or in any way to damage the Company.
3. The purchase and sale of the Company’s products and services from or to suppliers will be made solely on the basis of quality, performance and value and never on the basis of giving or receiving inducements, gifts or favours of any kind.
4. The Company is strictly opposed to bribery and corruption in whatever form it takes.
5. The Company does not make contributions of any kind or description to political parties either locally, nationally or internationally.
6. The Company is fully committed to provide employment without discrimination on age, sex, colour or creed. The Company will fully comply with all relevant national laws with respect to employment. The Company will not employ either directly or indirectly forced or child labour.
7. The employees of the Company will strive to consistently deliver a product of excellence and value for money in order to meet our customer’s expectations.
8. All suppliers to the Company are entitled to fair treatment and reasonable opportunity.
9. The Company is fully committed to supporting the community in which it operates by means of the Community Relations Committee. The Company assists and supports local community health and educational projects with charitable donations aimed at improving local conditions.
10. The Company is committed to the highest environmental standards and ensures compliance with local, regional and national government environmental laws and regulations.
11. The Company does not accept or tolerate any unacceptable behaviour form its employee which would include intimidation, embarrassment, humiliating or offensive conduct, sexual or racial harassment.
12. Management recognises that there are inherent risks associated with any business activity. It is the Company’s policy, operated through its procedures to manage and where possible reduce those risks in all areas of the business not least of which in Health and Safety.

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