Metal Powders

Thailand Smelting and Refining Co., Ltd.

The Thaisarco started the production of tin and tin alloy powders in 2003.

We have invested in state of the art powders production equipment in order to produce:

  • Tin and tin alloy powders by air atomization
  • Solder and Solder alloy powders by ..
  • Copper and copper alloy powders by air atomization

We aim to supply metal powders which meet or exceed our customer's expectations and in doing so become a worldwide recognised metal powders supplier.

Quality Assurance

Quality checks are made at various stages of manufacture. It is standard procedure to check the following properties on each batch of powders produced:

  • Composition and purity levels
  • Particle Size Distribution measured by Beckman Coulter Laser Particle Size Analyser (Model No LS 13 320)
  • Oxygen content measured by LECO Analyser
  • Apparent density by Hall Flowmeter
  • Tap density by Tap Densitometer
  • Sieve Analyzer