Packing Powders

Thailand Smelting and Refining Co., Ltd.

Bulk Bags/FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container)

Bulk bags are made from woven polypropylene fabric with a polyethylene liner. The bulk bag style is standard U-panel construction with lifting straps at each corner, top fill spout and bottom discharge chute. The size of the bulk bag is 550mm x 550mm x 850mm high and has a typical maximum capacity of 1000kg. Bulk bags can also be supplied with a barrier foil liner as per the attached picture.

Plastic Pails

Plastic pails are slightly tapered with snap on lid and a metal bale handle. They are supplied in white food grade polypropylene in a range of sizes as follows:

Capacity Diameter Height
9 litre 233 mm 240 mm
It is recommended to use plastic pails with plastic liners or barrier foil liners.


A calculated amount of desiccant can be supplied to absorb water vapour. Desiccant is normally used in combination with plastic liners and barrier foils to nuetralise the water vapour which may pass through the plastic liner or barrier foil. Desiccant is supplied as activated clay and silica gel in sealed packets of 50 gramme and 500 gramme.

Barrier Foils

Barrier foil packaging ensures protection from the detrimental effects of moisture, oxygen and UV light. Barrier foils derive their protective properties from a combination of materials and a strong laminate construction. Comprising 3 or 4 plys of different materials and bonded together using adhesive or extrusion coating, these provide a flexible structure with measured barrier efficiency. Barrier foils also can be supplied as bags, sacks, FIBC liners, steel drum liners and plastic pail liners. A typical application is in the packaging of electronic grade solder powder where low oxygen content of the powder is critical to quality.