Tin and Tin Alloy Powders

Thailand Smelting and Refining Co., Ltd.

Thaisarco produces the following grades of tin and tin alloy powders using air atomising technology to produce a high standard of quality and uniformity. High purity tin ingot produced in-house is used as the raw material. Tin Powder is used in automotive friction linings and in P/M as an additive to copper to make bronze for bearings and structural parts. Tin and tin alloy powders is also used for soldering, peen plating, plasma arc spraying, and ammunition and in the manufacture of chemicals.

Grade Chemical Composition A.D g/cm3 Paticle Size Analysis Applications
Sn Pb Cu Ag Micron %
Sn100 100% - - - 3.0-4.0 -75/-63/-45 99.9 PM, Chemical
Sn60Pb40 60% 40% - - 3.0-4.0 -63 99.9 Soldering
Sn40Pb60 40% 60% - - 3.0-4.0 -63 99.9 Soldering
SnCu3 97% - 3% - 3.0-4.0 -125/-75-45 99.9 Soldering
SnCu1 99% - 1% - 3.0-4.0 -75 99.9 Soldering

In addition to the above alloy compositions and particle size analysis THAISARCO can manufacture other tin and tin alloy powders to meet specific customer requirements.