Community Relations Policy (Revision III)

Thailand Smelting and Refining Co., Ltd.

Our Company is a vital member of the society in which it operates, so it follows that one of our important duties is to work for the betterment of the communities which surround us.

In support of our policy of support for the surrounding communities, the Company shall :-

1. Assume its Corporate Social Responsibilities, in accordance with ISO 26000.
2. Make every reasonable effort to be genuinely responsive to the community's needs.
3. Seek innovative ways to support community programmes.
4. Develop ways and means of assisting the communities in which we operate such that we are able to contribute our time and our expertise, as well as our financial support.
5. Regularly support and promote the education of children.
6. Support organised sporting activities as a contribution to promoting good health, and avoiding involvement with illegal drugs.
7. Support freedom of choice and practice of religion in a non-sectarian way and under the guidance of the communities' leaders.
8. Support a variety of activities designed to improve the living amenity and social welfare of the communities.
9. Cooperate with the communities in conservation activities designed to protect local culture.
10. Wherever practicable provide genuine opportunities for employment for people living in local communities.
11. In consultation with the representatives of local communities support special projects designed for the betterment of the living environment in those communities.

Finally, although the emphasis of the Company's community support is principally directed to the Ao Makham and Cape Panwa precincts, the Company seeks where possible to broaden the scope of its support to the entire Island of Phuket.

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